IOTA 2017

Call used: 9A8DV
Date: 29/07/2017

Back again in the island for an other IOTA Contest with only 4 operators. Everything is almost the same as last year (2016), we added only a rotative dipole for 40m above the 3 elements Mosley tribander. We also fixed in this year the 3 elements for multipliers which worked not so bad after all, despite all the predictions. Unfortunately we did not manage to have an inband station due to the lack of time and operators. Hope to have it next year!

The contest went smooth and without serious hardware problems, just a rotator stuck at north which is not a serious problem in this type of contest. No problem with energy at all and the weather was absolutely good this year as we needed the air conditioning inside the shack.

A lot of station were active from Dalmatia South Group EU016, maybe we should join forces and make a big team.

Thanks to all we made a contact with and to the rest of the team for the great work and good company during the whole week together. 

Some numbers and photos below. See you next year.

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